Wrapping Parties!

Cut, tape, fold, and repeat! For the past two weeks, GCHope has been busy with our annual Wrapping Parties for the presents donated to children in our WGYB program. We had more than 200 people join us in the effort to make this Christmas special for so many children. This year, thanks to Fullerton Toy Collaborative (who donated 1,500 toys) and many other kind donors, we had enough toys for not only each child in our WGYB program, but for all their siblings as well.

The Wrapping Parties were an absolute blast, with Christmas music blaring and lots of hot cocoa to drink. Children and adults of all ages attended, along with their joyful Christmas spirit, ready to wrap presents so these underprivileged kids can have that special feeling of ripping open a gift to find a beautiful new toy just for them. It was especially adorable seeing the children that attended the Wrapping Parties offering expert advice when others needed an opinion if a child would like a gift they were choosing. Every night GCHope staff was impressed with more great volunteers, including Chase Bank, Girl Scout troops, church groups and many wonderful families. Thanks to all our toy donors and present wrappers, GCHope was able to provide and successfully wrap presents for more than 4,000 kids in Orange County!



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