Wrapping for Homeless Children

The Christmas season means three things to GCHope staff: presents for thousands of children, Wrapping Parties, and controlled chaos. GCHope has finished the process of distributing thousands of donated gifts to the underprivileged children in We’ve Got Your Back (WGYB). We are so grateful to the companies, churches, groups, and individuals for showing up this Christmas in a big way for these children.

Believe it or not, once the gifts have all arrived and sorted, the work isn’t done yet. GCHope reaches out to our family of donors and friends to help us wrap them all! It’s not a Christmas present if it isn’t wrapped and ready to be put under the tree! In the last four weeks GCHope has had over 200 elves join us for our evening Wrapping Parties to help make this Christmas a special one for so many WGYB children. The grand total of gifts wrapped and distributed to vulnerable children is over 4,000! Thank you everyone for helping making this Christmas possible for GCHope and the WGYB kids.


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