World Humanitarian Day

On August 19, 2003, the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad suffered a terrorist attack, killing 22 people. This heartbreaking event paved the way for the United Nations to designate August 19th as World Humanitarian Day, to honor those who lost their lives in humanitarian service, and those who bravely continue such service.

Through this celebration, the United Nations also wants to highlight the existing humanitarian needs worldwide caused by natural disasters, conflicts and other emergencies that threaten the lives of millions of people, and how international cooperation plays an important role in fulfilling these needs.

We often hear the term “humanitarian” especially when describing a person or a group of people that provides help or aid to those who are in need. Its dictionary definition ranges from “a person promoting human welfare and social reform,” “a philanthropist,” to “(a person who is) involve in or concerned with improving people’s lives and reducing suffering.”

Mother Teresa, who was a devoted missionary, believed helping others should not focus on how much and how many times we have given. Rather, being a humanitarian is about the intent or motive of performing the act; the individual’s purpose in extending a helping hand makes the entire process and experience more meaningful and worthwhile.

At Giving Children Hope, we have a sincere desire of alleviating other people’s sufferings. GCHope embodies the sincerity, love and passion to provide assistance and improve the lives of the needy. With the help of eager, sincere, and passionate staff, partners, and volunteers, GCHope successfully implements different domestic and international humanitarian aid programs.

Giving Children Hope salutes those who bravely, sincerely and passionately commits in fulfilling the humanitarian needs worldwide — Happy Humanitarian Day everyone!

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