“When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade”


“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. And, making refreshing lemonade on a hot, summer day is exactly what Brendan, Hailey, Kelly, and Enzo did. These four little entrepreneurs set up a stand in their neighborhood and sold fresh lemonade, along with some scrumptious brownies and cookies. Their stand was a hit among neighbors and half of the money they made were donated to Giving Children Hope!

They also decided to become Giving Children Hope’s helpers for the day and packed food for our summer distribution bags for our We’ve Got Your Back program, as well as sorting and organizing medicine for our Giving For Living store.

Amy, who was chaperoning them heard about Giving Children Hope through the MOMS Club of Fullerton. She helped them set up their stand and thought an experience like this would give them insight into the entrepreneurial world. “The children bought all the supplies, juiced the lemonade, baked cookies and brownies and distributed flyers. They divided up the tasks, including having a casher and server. I think an experience like this will benefit towards their future,” says Amy. Take a look at the clip of them at our warehouse!

[youtube width=”300″ height=”233″ video_id=”4xuzq7ex3io”]

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