What is Hope?

“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.”– Martin Luther King Jr.

Hope is a living, daring feeling which drives individuals to change the world. Martin Luther King Jr. saw a world in a different light and believed in change in a time where the status quo was said to be set. He hoped for a world where “little children would one day live in a nation where they would not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”. His determination and strong belief led him to change history and influenced society. MLK was fueled by hope!

What does hope mean to you?  Looking at the different definitions online, I came across various views on what the term means. These ranged from defining hope as “an eternal burning flame that will never go out as long as someone believes” to “the drive behind their willingness to continue.”

At Giving Children Hope, this is what hope means; to BELIEVE and to have the DRIVE. Our mission is to serve children and those in poverty by bringing the tools to help those out in need. We fill the sense of hope and fuel the drive to keep moving forward one person at a time through the various programs in the organization. These programs range from feeding homeless children to providing international aid.

Every week, Giving Children Hope delivers backpacks full of food to homeless children in Orange and Los Angeles counties through our “We’ve Got Your Back” program. We are able to ensure that children do not go hungry and have another day to look forward to.

We have also opened up a Mobile Medical Clinic, which offers primary care to all individuals. Additionally, The Buena Park Community Clinic is set to open soon on our campus, which will help expand the amount of individuals seen in a day and expanding hope for a better healthier tomorrow.

The Giving for Living program helps other nonprofit organizations such as homeless shelters, youth programs and various churches to fulfill their unique missions.

Not only do we provide assistance to those in need locally but we also offer our support internationally. We are here to give Hope!

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