Moms on a Mission: When the recipient becomes the donor

Giving Children Hope knows that mothers are the greatest proponents of change. For this reason we’ve invested heavily in local mothers, providing extra assistance and opportunities to increase the ability for women in our programs to support themselves. Part of this programming included a Financial Literacy course in partnership with The Raise Foundation with the hope of instilling participating mothers with financial principles that would aid them in their daily lives towards self sufficiency. The class did all of this and more as we’ve begun to see the growth of four graduates, who have amazed us with their determination and passion to create change.

To continue their development, Giving Children Hope introduced them to My Safe Harbor, a nonprofit organization in Anaheim, which runs a year-long program that incorporates practical programs for personal and family development. The program requires the mothers to choose a nonprofit to volunteer with. We were astonished that each of them chose to volunteer at Giving Children Hope. Every Friday, proudly wearing their Giving Children Hope shirts, these We’ve Got Your Back super moms can now be found helping build furniture for families in need, sorting donations, or handing out food.

Lorena, one of the mothers, shared, “I’m no longer living in fear.” Giving Children Hope has provided a support system and given her confidence to move forward.

As if that weren’t enough, they’ve taken it upon themselves to help babysit the children of the other mothers currently enrolled in Giving Children Hope’s Financial Literacy class. They know that childcare could be a major factor preventing a mom from attending so they wanted to eliminate any excuses not to attend class.

Director of Domestic Programs Christine Sanchez shared, “These moms are making a sacrifice to be here and spend their time volunteering. They really believe in what we do at Giving Children Hope and it shows. We’ve changed their lives.”

By seeking out classes that will improve their lives they’ve proved their dedication, relentlessly refusing to settle until their kids have had every opportunity. Before us, they just didn’t know how. Through their extra volunteer work they are empowering other women, like themselves, to create wellness in the lives of their children, creating a cycle of goodness and self sufficiency. Thank you to our four moms for the ways you’ve blessed your families, your community, and us.