Welcome Home, Liliana!

A few weeks ago, Giving Children Hope received a phone call from a paraplegic man looking to donate a $20,000 hospital bed that had never been used. Within a few days, Marius, our warehouse manager picked up the bed and brought it to our warehouse.

Several days later, Giving Children Hope received a visit from one of our Giving for Living partners, Pastor Tony. Pastor Tony’s daughter Liliana was born with many health complications and special needs. When she was born, she was only expected to live to be 7 years old, but she surpassed that. After she turned 7 years old, the doctors said she would live to be 12 years old, but once again, she defeated all odds. Liliana is now 30 years old but still has severe health complications. After a brain hemorrhage and liver infection, she lost over 100 pounds and lost complete use of her arms, legs, neck, and lower body. Liliana is now restricted to a hospital bed.

At the time of Pastor Tony’s visit, she was living in a nursing home, because she was not allowed to go home until she had access to a hospital bed there. After several attempts, their insurance company denied covering the cost of a hospital bed, leaving Liliana at the nursing home for several weeks, away from her family. When Pastor Tony heard that Giving Children Hope had just received a donation of a fully-functioning hospital bed, he jumped at the opportunity. He arrived at our warehouse with a friend and a U-Haul to pick up the bed, hoping to bring his daughter home very soon. With the bed weighing over 800 pounds, the bed was too heavy for Pastor Tony to deliver into his home by himself. Paul and Mike, our warehouse team, stepped in and delivered the bed with the Giving Children Hope truck. They set it up inside Pastor Tony’s house, so he could welcome Liliana back home!

We are so incredibly grateful for our kind donor for the hospital bed and our hardworking warehouse team that joined together to help reunite a family and restore hope for Pastor Tony and Liliana.