Welcome Home

Giving Children Hope is proud to announce our continued efforts to support those in Moore, Oklahoma that were devastated by the tornado’s in May 2013. The storm caused 24 deaths and 1,150 homes were destroyed, leaving survivors homeless and in great need for food and other relief supplies. Within hours of the event generous people had already begun dropping off items to GCHope for the tornado survivors. Days after the tornado hit GCHope sent a truckload of food, cleaning supplies and construction supplies for the people of Moore.

With the Lord’s provision, multiple organizations and churches have come together to support these people attempting to rebuild their lives after such a traumatic event. GCHope has partnered with a network of 8 churches in Moore to find solutions for the redevelopment of the people and city of Moore. World Vision kindly donated the lumber for six families to have their homes rebuilt while the churches helped with construction.  GCHope is the last piece of the puzzle and is supplying these families with ‘Welcome Home” packages including items like couches, linens, kitchen supplies, and many other household items that were lost in the tornado. The first shipment of supplies left before Christmas and we have more going out soon. We are thrilled at the opportunity to welcome these people into their new homes where they can resume life with their families by enjoying a meal at the dinner table or tucking their children into a safe and warm bed.


GCHope’s Executive Director, Sean Lawrence from his trip in June to Moore, Oklahoma. 9010194302_ea2e894c6c_o

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