Walking Toward Hope

IMG_5275As I sit in front of my computer in a cool, air-conditioned office, I can’t help but think of Melrose Elementary. On Monday, I had the privilege of attending one of our summer distributions. Because schools are not in session, Giving Children Hope reserves off-site locations (parking lots of schools, churches, or resource centers) to distribute food to our families every week of the summer. Monday was the first day of summer distribution for our Melrose families – it also happened to be 106 degrees. As our families stood in line in the blistering heat, all they did was smile as they waited patiently for their turn. To our Melrose mothers, the heat was only secondary. What really mattered to them was being able to feed their children a healthy, nutritious meal.

IMG_5290I watched some mothers as they walked back to where they had come from – up a hill across the freeway overpass with their kids and food in one hand and an umbrella in the other – and I couldn’t help but marvel at the heart of these families that we serve. Not one of them complained about the heat, but all of them expressed their gratitude, whether it was through a beaming smile or a warm hug. They deserve hope, and we will do all that we can to deliver.