Volunteering to Better the Lives of Others


Jenny Lozano has attended GCHope’s Wrapping Parties every Christmas for the last few years, but this year she stepped it up big time. She stopped by the GCHope facility in December to drop off a haul of Christmas presents and met Christine Sanchez, Director of Community Programs. Christine gave Jenny and her son a more in-depth tour of our facility and programs. Jenny seemed amazed at all the GCHope does and mentioned that she would love to be more involved. Jenny owns a bookkeeping business and has offered her services, pro bono, to other nonprofits, without any takers. A light bulb went off in Christine’s head — GCHope’s partner US Bank is working with us to provide financial literacy classes for WGYB families. Jenny’s expertise could be a great addition to making this dream a reality.

Volunteering to better the lives of others takes on many different forms; for Jenny, it started with donating toys and may turn into teaching a valuable skill to families in need. What does volunteering look like for you? Whatever way you are able to give – if you have a special skill, time to pack backpacks, or able to donate financially – you are a valuable member of the GCHope team. Together we are helping the lives of children across the street and around the world.

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