Volunteer Highlight: Andrew

Every day, Giving Children Hope gets to witness the hands and hearts that make our work possible – our volunteers. One volunteer won our hearts last year. Andrew is currently an eighth grade student at Parks Junior High and enjoys baseball and math. He first started volunteering at Giving Children Hope as a service project for his school. Loving hands-on projects, Andrew started volunteering in our Giving for Living program putting together furniture. Even after he had completed all his required hours, he decided to volunteer his time, knowing that he was making a difference. He loves that he is able to use his once Lego-building hands to create pieces of furniture for vulnerable families in our community.

Since his time here, he has put together ten pieces of furniture, including chairs and a bookshelf. Though Andrew is one of our youngest volunteers, he definitely has one of the biggest hearts. We are so grateful for Andrew’s dedication to our mission and his commitment to serve those in need.