Venezuela Crisis Relief

Venezuela has turned into a country unrecognizable to its citizens. It’s hard to believe Venezuela, a country filled with an abundance of natural resources was once one of the richest countries in Latin America.

Today, more than 3 million people have fled Venezuela. The mismanagement and collapse of the economy has sparked a massive currency inflation. With severe basic needs shortages, including food and medical supplies, it has become nearly impossible for the people of Venezuela to receive sufficient nutrition and life-saving medical assistance.

For many Venezuelans, this reality has left them no choice but to sort through the garbage to feed their families. Millions are suffering from extreme hunger. Last year alone, the average Venezuelan lost 24 lbs. due to malnourishment.

Since 2016, Giving Children Hope has been at the forefront of the Venezuelan humanitarian crisis. It is committed to providing nutrient-rich food, medical supplies and basic needs items like clothing and diapers to Venezuelans still living in their home country.

In collaboration with local and international partners and churches, Giving Children Hope feeds more than 8,000 Venezuelans every week.  Many of the people left behind in Venezuela are some of the most vulnerable, including young children, the elderly, and the disabled who cannot survive the journey to border countries. Additionally, GCH provides weekly feedings to hundreds of weary Venezuelan refugees who have crossed the border into Cali, Colombia.

As an organization that has been committed to the Venezuela crisis, Giving Children Hope is proud to launch the 1 Million Meals 4 Venezuela campaign. Now, more than ever, Venezuelans need our help.

In 2019, we are committed to serving 1 million nutrient- rich meals to Venezuelans. Together, we can provide hope to thousands suffering in their darkest hour.

We invite you to join us this year to provide 1 million meals to the people of Venezuela.

Watch videos about our work with Venezuela here.