Trojan Battery Volunteered

Trojan Battery Company is best known for its top-tier, deep-cycle batteries used in various applications including golf and utility vehicles, renewable energy, floor machines, aerial work platforms, and marine and recreational vehicles. What many people do not know is that Trojan Battery is also a philanthropic company that is very intent on bringing renewable energy to developing countries like Nepal. It didn’t come as a surprise, then, when they reached out to Giving Children Hope so that they could volunteer their time serving underprivileged children. Three employees – Nhi, Stacey, and Rogelio – took two hours of their time every day last week to help distribute food to 100 of our We’ve Got Your Back families. When we asked Nhi, Global Marketing Specialist at Trojan Battery, what the highlight of his week was, he responded with “everything!” He loved “interacting with the families and saw the impact the program had on their lives – it was very powerful” as he handed out bags of food and fresh produce. Within the next three months, out of the goodness of their hearts, they will be reaching out to their friends and families to collect funds for our We’ve Got Your Back program. If that wasn’t enough, Trojan Battery has promised to match up to $500 raised by their employees with an additional $500 from Jeff Elder, CEO of Trojan Battery. It is corporations like Trojan Battery that remind us of the difference that one person or company can make in our families’ lives. Their passion for our mission and their joy as they interacted with our families will always be remembered! Thank you, Trojan Battery!

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