The Magic of Whynter

Without partners who are willing to walk alongside us and our mission, we couldn’t accomplish what we do, nor serve as many vulnerable children and families as we currently are. One such partnership that we are so grateful for is with Whynter, who has gone above and beyond what we had hoped for.

From our first meeting, Whynter has been enthusiastic about helping the families we serve and trying to find more ways to become involved with us to make a greater impact beyond just volunteering. Their first step was coming to volunteer with us during our Friday Client Choice, where more than 100 families come and pick up food directly from our warehouse. Whynter’s staff helped to work each of the stations, interacting with the families as they came through. During this event, the vice president asked me if there was a way for them to help provide more for the families further highlighting their desire to engage not only with us as an organization, but to learn more about who we serve and to help in a more targeted way.

Their generosity was further seen as we got closer to Christmas and were in the process of sending out and receiving back all of the We’ve Got Your Back students’ wish lists. We were absolutely amazed when they told us that they wanted to sponsor 100 full families, not just individual kids, meaning that they were sponsoring around 250 children’s wish lists, helping to ensure those kids received exactly what they wanted for Christmas! Not only did they sponsor the wish lists for these kids, but they took it another step further, and hosted a wrapping party at their facility to wrap all of the gifts. And that is no easy feat when they only have about 25 people on staff!

While many would already feel that Whynter has gone above and beyond, they are looking to become even more invested and to expand their impact on our families by working with us through our school sponsorship program.

Their generosity is unending and their partnership is continually growing and helping us to strengthen our ties and the impact that we can all have on the communities we serve.

Thank you, Whynter, for helping to give hope right here in our community!

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