US Bank Volunteered!

Michelle, a US Bank employee, volunteers at her church three times a week. Volunteering is a part of her life. “I volunteer because I love it,” Michelle said. GCHope was blessed to be one of her weekly volunteer opportunities when US Bank sent us around 130 volunteers! US Bank is one of our favorite partners and gives their employees a volunteer opportunity every quarter.

 Volunteer Julie Gonzales said, “I’ve lived just around the corner in Buena Park for years and I had no idea the kind of work you guys are doing here! It’s amazing to be a part of it.”


With US Bank’s help we were able pack and prepare 276 backpacks of food for families in need, sort through 8 pallets of donated food, and pack 500 bags of produce for WGYB families. In addition, these incredible volunteers were able to sort clothing and first aid supplies going to Syrian refugees, as well as build donated furniture and other supplies. It was a tremendous amount of work accomplished! In total, US Bank volunteers finished a week’s worth of work for the GCHope warehouse staff. They were incredible volunteers and did it all with a smile. Thank you US Bank!



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