Thanks for Giving Gary!

It’s “THANKS FOR GIVING” week! Thanksgiving came early here at GChope. This week is dedicated to a few amazing people/partners who have really been valuable members of our team or advocates for GCHope. We are so thankful for what they have done for this organization and most importantly for the lives we are striving to make better.

Giving Children Hope’s Christine Sanchez calls him her “guardian angel.” Gary Stanhiser is a man who devotes his life to the service of others. Gary has been a huge asset to GCHope as one of our biggest supporters, miraculously filling needs without being asked. Gary has been involved with GCHope for the last five years, supplying WGYB with oranges, beans, granola, cereal and many other items. He lives part time in Loma Linda and the other part in Las Vegas for work but never misses his day to drive a shipment of 800 lbs. of oranges from Loma Linda to Buena Park. Christine says, “Gary is constantly traveling but balances his career with our needs. It’s remarkable.”

When Gary isn’t driving oranges to GCHope, he is taking GCHope’s supplies to the school he started in Belize, to hospitals in Africa, or to orphanages all over the world. His daughter Tiffany is a cardiologist in Africa who has helped to start 3 hospitals with supplies from GCHope.

All of us at GCHope would like to thank Gary for his relentless giving and continuous support. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without you. We are so thankful to Gary for all that he has done. We truly wouldn’t be able to do what we do without him.

 Gary Stanhiser and GCHope’s, America Tapia


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