TCCOP Gifts 1,000 Backpacks to WGYB

Giving Children Hope wouldn’t be able to serve thousands of children across the street and around the world without the support of deeply committed individuals who sacrifice their time and utilize their networks to bring hope.We are especially grateful for Sarva Mangal Trust and Tender Care Community Outreach Program (TCCOP), a group from the Jain Center of Southern California, located just down the street from Giving Children Hope facility on Commonwealth Avenue. The Jain Center seeks to promote Jainism, a religion based in India whose central tenets include caring for the welfare of others–a perfect match for us at Giving Children Hope.

Our friendship began when Prafulla Shaw, a TCCOP member, set up a meeting with Christine Sanchez, Director of Domestic Programs. During the meeting they were interrupted by a family who came to Giving Children Hope looking for food and a place to stay for the night. Hearing this family’s story, Prafulla went into action, putting them up in a hotel and buying their dinner for the night. Since then, Prafulla has worked alongside Giving Children Hope countless times, always asking for more ways TCCOP can help and going above and beyond to ensure a vulnerable family gets what they need. These are the kinds of people that comprise TCCOP; when they hear a child has a need, you can count on them to go out of their way to fill it.

We are so fortunate to get regular visits from TCCOP asking about other ways they can be of service. In one of those conversations, Prafulla discovered that Giving Children Hope would have to spend $3,500 to purchase backpacks for the We’ve Got Your Back weekly nutrition program. Soon thereafter, a check was delivered specifically to cover those costs and ensure each child in the program would have a reliable new backpack to transport meals for families each week. What a huge blessing!

IMG_3282This past August, when Giving Children Hope learned of the need of Native American students in Riverside (Read story here), TCCOP was there to offer their support. Our TCCOP friends donated fresh produce and volunteered their day to deliver needed supplies to the teenagers at Sherman Indian High School. The students, many of whom had arrived at this boarding school with just the clothes on their back, relished the produce, some even preferring it over other goods like new clothing or makeup. Since then, TCCOP has given monthly donations to guarantee the students at Sherman continue to have food and produce in their dorms to supplement the cafeteria menu. In addition, to help make the holiday season a special one, TCCOP pulled together enough support to sponsor 50 Christmas wish lists for Sherman students, many of whom had only asked for clothing, school supplies, or hygiene items.

It’s abundant contributions like these that show why the partnership with TCCOP has become such a blessing to the work Giving Children Hope is doing. When two groups, each with a desire to provide compassion to the vulnerable, come together, amazing things can happen.

The incredible generosity of TCCOP is truly inspiring to those of us at Giving Children Hope. “I’ve never doubted that if a need came across my desk that Prafulla and TCCOP wouldn’t immediately respond. They are huge advocates for education and health in our community,” Christine Sanchez shared.

We have been blessed to find an amazing group of people willing to collaborate to meet the needs of the community, just down the road. Thank you TCCOP for impacting our community in a big way and for challenging the rest of us to seek every opportunity to serve others.

If you would like to make a difference to the lives of children in our community please contact Giving Children Hope at 714-523-4474.