Tasty feasts in the Philippines

Executive Director Sean Lawrence recently returned from the Philippines. Read his update about some of the product we sent!

The young Filipino boy repeated the same phrase to me several times but I couldn’t quite make out what he was saying. Finally his teacher stepped in and informed me that he was telling me that the food we were providing him was a “tasty feast”!


While the word VitaMeal may not sound like a “tasty feast” to most of us, that’s exactly what it has been for thousands of typhoon survivors in the Philippines.  Giving Children Hope, in partnership with Feed the Children and a network of Filipino churches, has been distributing this nutritious and apparently delicious item throughout storm-ravaged areas of the Philippines over the past four months.


In mid-March I had the opportunity to visit to several communities in the Philippines, including Tacloban and Samar, that are in the process of recovering from the damage causes by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. Many of these communities have been sustained this year by a regular diet of VitaMeal. This dehydrated rice and lentil soup concoction provides 25 essential vitamins and minerals and needs only the addition of water to become a meal.


Each community seemed to bring their own flavor to the VitaMeal by adding a local ingredient such as lemon grass or dried fish. In one school I visited, over 200 children a day who were being fed VitaMeal, and the line for seconds soon became a line for thirds and even fourths. The “thank yous” that we received from the children and their teachers once again reminded me of what a privilege it is to part of a community that responds and serves.

During my trip five more 40’ shipping containers of relief supplies sent by GCHope arrived in the Philippine ports! Included in these supplies was enough VitaMeal to continue to sustain the communities we are serving through the summer months.

Thank you to all of our supporters, donors and partners whose generosity has made it possible to send these containers of “tasty feasts”.


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