Interns Serving the Poor

GCHope is proud to introduce our interns! Some are seasoned interns that love GCHope so much, they’ve stuck with us for months past their intended time. Others have newly discovered GCHope and are excited to begin their journey working with us. We are thrilled to see the passion they have for giving back to their […]

WGYB Appreciation Luncheon

For fifteen years Dawn Manzanilla has cared for and supported the children and families at Gilbert Elementary School as the Health Clerk. Most people that meet Dawn easily recognize her incredible talent and enthusiasm for what she does. She has loved getting to know the people in her community and gaining their trust. Dawn took […]

Food Science Rules!

Food Science Club Chapman University Number of People: 7 Area of Focus: We’ve Got Your Back Accomplishments: Chapman University’s Food Science Club came in and helped us clear up some new donations we received. This small group assisted our We’ve Got Your Back program by going through and sorting about one and a half pallets – […]