A Walk towards Hope

As the father of three teenage sons most conversations at my house these days begin with “Dad, I need…” followed by an urgent request that is almost always a “want” and rarely a “need”. I recently returned from the Venezuelan border where I spent the week with the “caminantes”, or walkers, whom the entirety of […]

Alex is New to America

Alex’s blue-eyed and curly-haired son volunteered to take a photo but couldn’t quite negotiate between his excitement to see a fancy camera and his shyness. He eagerly took the camera from my hands to view each photo after it was taken. He had a much larger grin looking at his own picture than he ever […]

Loving the Kurds

Twenty miles outside of Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan, there is a refugee camp of 18,000 Kurdish people, mainly women and children, that one American considers close to his heart.Richard is a selfless man on a mission, devoting much of his finances to making trips back and forth from California to Kurdistan to deliver needed items to […]

Aid to Syrian Refugees

Last week, GCHope sent its sixth container of relief to Syrian refugees. This container, our fifth container in partnership with Bouchebel Consultants, is going to aid refugees who have fled to camps in Lebanon. The container held donations from multiple donors, including Free City, World Vision, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, World Bed, Seba Med, and […]