Meet Laurette Zapata

Almost two years ago Laurette Zapata was unemployed and praying to God to find work. Laurette became part of the staff at Giving Children Hope after she was referred here by a friend who saw there was an opening. Now, Laurette is the front desk administrator, or as the staff calls her, “Director of First […]

Joseph Lorenzetti Hosted a Drive

Joseph Lorenzetti recently saw a flyer about Giving Children Hope collecting boxes full of items to help Syrian Refugees for the Pawnshop Kings concert that was hosted on November 18th. He asked his mom if he could put together a donation drive as a service project for his church. After she said yes, his mom […]

Pro-Bono Volunteer

From bookkeeping and maintenance, to electric bills and vehicle insurance, non profit organizations have the costs of a for-profit company but not the revenue. That is why pro-bono volunteers are incredibly valuable to non profit organizations. Steve Keyzers owns Key HR and offered his services to us. “HR, while critical to a healthy work environment, […]

Saddleback Church Sends Container to Kitale Kenya

Saddleback Church is on the forefront of serving the poor in some of the most remote locations around the globe. A 40-foot shipping container left Giving Children Hope’s Buena Park-based facility heading towards Kitale, Kenya on October 18th. Giving Children Hope’s partner, Saddleback Church, is sending supplies to support their teams in Kitale. The supplies […]

Meet Rosa Rudea

Six years ago Rosa became a part of the staff here at Giving Children Hope. Rosa is the Logistics Coordinator, for the Giving for Living program. Giving for Living is a donation center where items are donated from local retailers. Giving Children Hope is able to distribute the items we receive. Rosa can be found […]