Gifts That Tackle Child Hunger

Last year, Lupe – a wife, mom, and long time supporter of Giving Children Hope – decided to devote her birthday to our Tackling Child Hunger campaign. In lieu of birthday gifts, she requested that her family and friends donate food to our annual food drive. She states, “it was perfect timing – my birthday […]

Vivianna Feeds Hungry Youth

Vivianna is a 12-year-old girl who will most likely become President someday. She volunteered at Giving Children Hope for the first time two month ago and since has brought awareness to thousands of individuals about the vulnerable children we serve. When meeting her, you would never know such a quiet and sweet girl could also […]

Gensler Volunteered

When we walked into a room full of bustling individuals and 3D models of beautifully constructed buildings, we knew we were in the right place. Three Giving Children Hope staff members made a trip out to Newport Beach to host a volunteer event for Gensler associates on Tuesday, May 12. Named as the #1 architectural […]

Nutrilite Softball Tournament

“Hey batter batter!” the outfielders yelled as the next player at bat approached home plate. On a warm Saturday morning last month, Nutrilite hosted their annual staff softball tournament. Over 600 employees formed teams to compete for the winning trophy and bragging rights for the year. Each team was given extra points for bringing canned […]

Tackling Child Hunger Results

GCHope’s Community Development Director, Elizabeth Saldana said, “Through our Tackling Child Hunger event we have been able to make new friends that share our passion for helping the less fortunate. It has been a blessing to see so many people across various cities come together to collect food for the homeless children and families we […]