A Walk towards Hope

As the father of three teenage sons most conversations at my house these days begin with “Dad, I need…” followed by an urgent request that is almost always a “want” and rarely a “need”. I recently returned from the Venezuelan border where I spent the week with the “caminantes”, or walkers, whom the entirety of […]

“I Hope to Not Need You”

12 moms, 6 weeks, a united story of hope. On March 17, 12 We’ve Got Your Back moms proudly held up their certificates as they graduated from our third round of financial literacy classes. For a year now, Giving Children Hope has been offering a financial literacy course for parents who attend our Client Choice […]

Hoops for Hope

The children peered through the windows with anticipation until the door finally opened, marking the start of Hoops for Hope. GCHope was blessed to have a dozen former NBA players and athletes volunteer their time to facilitate a sports clinic for Buena Park kids in We’ve Got Your Back. WGYB students from Whitaker, Pendleton, Gilbert, […]

The Giving Extravaganza

GCHope distributes donated product on a daily basis, but rarely do we interact with the end user. Day in and day out we work to establish solid relationships with other nonprofits who share our mission in caring for the poor among us. Much of this giving is done through our Giving For Living program, an on-site distribution center that serves […]

A Hero’s Heart for the Poor

There’s a hero among us. When he is not working with our Global Operations team, one of GCHope’s very own, Hugh Margesson, volunteers his time  to help others in Sasabe, Mexico. Four years ago, Hugh decided he wanted to further explore the Mexican/American border because of his knowledge of the extreme conditions people put themselves […]

Coming Home

Every night, high school student Cloudy meets his mom at the bus stop to walk her home after work. Cloudy is a hard-working basketball player with a 3.0 GPA, and has earned an athletic scholarship to UCLA and Cerritos College. Christine, Cloudy’s proud mother, has gone through a lot and at one point the two […]

Tasty feasts in the Philippines

Executive Director Sean Lawrence recently returned from the Philippines. Read his update about some of the product we sent! The young Filipino boy repeated the same phrase to me several times but I couldn’t quite make out what he was saying. Finally his teacher stepped in and informed me that he was telling me that […]