Relief for Venezuela

At one point, it was the richest country in Latin America, flourishing from the oil industry, but now, Venezuela is experiencing a humanitarian crisis. With skyrocketing inflation rates over 800% and a growing political storm, the crisis in Venezuela is continually worsening. As prices increase, severe basic needs shortages are occurring, including food and medical […]

El Salvador 2017 Reflection

Earlier this month, Giving Children Hope’s Executive Director, Sean Lawrence, and Global Operations Coordinator, Mikaela Buchanan, visited El Salvador to meet with partners, both current and potential, see the impact our product and partnerships are having, and witness the need in the country.  Read Mikaela’s reflection from the trip below.  — As I walked through […]

Family Receives Hope

Lisa from Orangewood Foundation showed up at GCHope this morning with an amazing story to share with us. Orangewood has been working with a family for years to try and get them into a permanent housing situation. The parents and their four kids have been sharing a single room for the last five years. Today […]

Giving Back to Nepal

After Ari graduated with a degree in Psychology last year, he wanted to see the world. He set out on a five-month-long journey to volunteer in Nepal and Sri Lanka. He spent 2 months in Kathmandu, Nepal, volunteering his time in a hospital to assist doctors with their daily routine and gaining an invaluable learning […]

Project Gratitude

One of the many benefits of working at GCHope is getting to meet the incredible people behind companies we all know and love. This year in celebration of their 60th anniversary, Whittier Hearing Center wanted to celebrate in a unique way. Instead of throwing themselves a party to commemorate the event, they are investing back […]