Dhia, Syrian Child Refugee

Meet Dhia, a Syrian child refugee now living in Orange County. His parents Muna and Muhammad were fortunate enough to come to America where they are now living in their own apartment with their 5 children. Affording their own apartment is a huge cost, not to mention furnishing it. Thank you Child Abuse Prevention Center […]

Aid for Syrian Refugees

Carolyn Goldman remembers watching the news coverage of Syrian children dying while making the journey to Greece and thinking, “There has to be something I can do for Syrian refugees.” She immediately started researching organizations that are working with Syrian refugees and found that Giving Children Hope was the only one that would accept physical […]

The Hope Times

GCHope’s 21st Year of Service We had just finished unloading boxes of food at a makeshift refugee camp in Lebanon, filled with refugees who had fled Syria, when a little boy stuck out his hand to ask for the empty roll of shipping tape in my hand. I handed it over to him and instantly […]