Supplies for Malawi

With five children sleeping in each bed, Malamulo Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi is in desperate need of supplies. There has been a surge of people in need due to malaria season, forcing adults to sleep two to a bed and children four to five per bed. Giving Children Hope’s partner, Dr. Tiffany Priester, is the only cardiologist in Malawi. She divides her time between three hospitals, Malamulo being one of them. Unfortunately, malaria isn’t the only difficulty Malawi is dealing with right now. This past fall extreme weather conditions and floods destroyed the local crops. Realizing how that would impact the food supply in the future, D. Priester and her father, Gary Stanhiser, decided to purchase 850 100-pound bags of rice and corn to prepare for a famine. Hundreds of people desperate for food spend hours waiting in line to receive food from the hospital. Giving Children Hope has collected 35 beds, food, and vitamins to send to Malamulo Hospital. While our hearts break for the suffering the Malawi people are enduring, may these supplies bring hope.

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