IMG_7105Pete Bowen

Chief Executive Officer | [email protected]

Pete is a consultant-author-coach-speaker and the creator of Covenant Leadership, a simple approach to develop good relationships that bring happiness and success in life. He helps companies, government organizations and individuals develop high-performance leadership and culture. Pete has served in a variety of roles including President/CEO of Servite High School, Ethics Officer Los Angeles Unified School District, and a retired US Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier pilot. Pete is passionate about the impact Giving Children Hope has on the lives of children and families with a special focus on helping them develop a sustainable lifestyle.

Jacob Wilson

Grants Coordinator| [email protected]

Jacob oversees and manages all grants for the organization. He has been with Giving Children Hope for over 4 years. Jacob lives with his wife and his son in Sacramento where he enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes.


Elia Perez

Manager of Partner and Program Development| [email protected]

As the Administrative Coordinator of our backpack program, Eli's job requires her to wear many hats all at once! She acts as the liaison between the schools and families that are involved with Giving Children Hope. This requires her to identify families who could benefit from the resources that Giving Children Hope offers. If the family needs a resource that our organization does not offer, Eli always finds another organization or program that does! Eli also oversees the Christmas Wish List program ensuring every homeless child on our program and their siblings receive a magical Christmas. Her daily duties require her to deal with a lot of paperwork, social work, and therapist-like responsibilities that she gladly carries out.


Rosa Rueda

Logistics Coordinator, Giving for Living | [email protected]

Rosa runs the Giving for Living donation center and makes sure that the program has everything it needs to continue providing services to those who can benefit the most! She also oversees all of the handling fees and logistics to make sure everything stays afloat. Rosa feels blessed to have a job that enables her to help families in need. In her free time, Rosa enjoys going on walks and spending quality time with her children.

IMG_8568Marius Marza

Director of Operations| [email protected]

Marius came to the United States from Romania bringing with him an understanding of what it's like to grow up in an impoverished country. Today he is glad to have the ability to help those who are without resources. Marius enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, son, and baby girl.

IMG_8441Paul Geisert

Partner Manager | [email protected]

Paul is our dedicated partner manager. He is the go-to guy for the hundreds of partners in our Giving For Living program. Paul has been with Giving Children Hope for almost a decade. Paul loves all things Disney, Marvel and Star Wars!

IMG_8647Angie Brock

Assistant Warehouse Manager| [email protected]

Angie oversees all the Giving Children Hope volunteers on a daily basis. You’ll often find her in the warehouse explaining to volunteers the process of filling backpacks and sorting food. Our volunteers come from various companies, organizations or individuals who simply enjoy helping those in need. A large amount of responsibility sits on Angie's shoulders; roughly 1,300 children and their families depend on the food-filled backpacks each week! Angie has a contagious sense of humor and is a busy soccer mom outside of work.


Raymond Nunez

Driver |[email protected]

Raymond is our driver and he delivers our backpacks every day to schools throughout Orange and Los Angeles counties, and he always does it with a smile! When he's not at work, Raymond is a dad to four girls and a husband to his wife of 15 years! Everything he does revolves around his family and he loves spending time with them outdoors, whether that is camping or going to the park. We love having Raymond a part of our team!