Response To Current Situation in Syria

As I read about and saw pictures of the Syrian families who were attacked by their own government with chemicals dropped from the sky, and as I reflect on the first-hand stories of terror told to me by refugee families, I can only conclude that if me and my family were in these situations I too would pack up and flee my homeland in search of a hope and a future for my family.

The tragic events of this past week only strengthen Giving Children Hope’s resolve to continue to “love our neighbors as ourselves.” For the past five years we have been serving Syrian refugees through the delivery of basic needs, food and medical resources to families living in refugee camps in the Middle East. Working in collaboration with a variety of trusted field partners, our supplies bring hope to some of the the most vulnerable refugee families on a daily basis.

While a resolution to this crisis seems almost impossible, may this season of Easter reminds us of a hope far beyond our own ability and understanding. Please join Giving Children Hope as we come together to pray for and to serve our suffering neighbors.

-Sean Lawrence, Executive Director