Relief for Venezuela

_DSC1680 copyAt one point, it was the richest country in Latin America, flourishing from the oil industry, but now, Venezuela is experiencing a humanitarian crisis. With skyrocketing inflation rates over 800% and a growing political storm, the crisis in Venezuela is continually worsening. As prices increase, severe basic needs shortages are occurring, including food and medical supplies. Without proper food, the people of Venezuela are not able to receive sufficient nutrition. According to several news reports, 3 out of 4 people in Venezuela have lost 19 pounds due to the lack of food in the country and 82% of the country’s households are now living in poverty.

As individuals lose weight from the lack of food, the lack of medical supplies is also contributing to a rise in diseases and death rates. According to the National Survey of Hospitals, 97% of services provided by hospitals in Venezuela are faulty and at least 75% of hospitals suffer from a scarcity of supplies, but with your partnership, Giving Children Hope can help!

With a mission to serve our neighbors across the street and around the world, Giving Children Hope is committed to providing lifesaving relief supplies to the people of Venezuela, regardless of the political situation. Giving Children Hope has partnered with the few non-profits that are able to provide to transport resources into Venezuela through neighboring countries. We have already delivered 2,145 pounds of relief supplies and have received reports and photos of the product in the hands of the desired recipients in country, but we have a goal to do more.

To raise awareness about the growing crisis in Venezuela within our community, we recently hosted a Relief for Venezuela awareness event at our warehouse. At this event, we shared news clips that provide insight into the experiences of the people living in Venezuela, and got to hear testimonies from individuals whose family members either still live in Venezuela or they themselves just moved from their country.

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The Blancos, a family from Venezuela who recently relocated from Venezuela to Southern California in November, shared with the Giving Children Hope team about their experience living in the humanitarian crisis. After she and husband lost their jobs, Karolina, the mother of 3 children, told stories of having to stand in lines for hours in the sun to try and get into the grocery story. Once they were able to enter the grocery store, there was not anything left in the store to purchase. They witnessed children digging through trash along the street and eating what they would find in the streets.  As the conditions in Venezuela worsened, the Blanco family decided to move their family from Maracaibo, Venezuela to Southern California. Now, the Blancos are a part of our We’ve Got Your Back program, and testimonies like theirs inspire us to do more for the people of Venezuela.

Over the next month, Giving Children Hope will be hosting a fundraising campaign to raise money to send life-saving relief supplies to the people of Venezuela. So far, we have raised $10,000 of our $20,000 goal. This money will be used to send two 40’ shipping containers to Venezuela, filled with basic needs – specifically, food and medical supplies as those are the two greatest items lacking in the country. The crisis in Venezuela is real and there are thousands of families like the Blancos that need our help. Please join Giving Children Hope’s relief effort by donating to the Venezuela campaign today.!

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