Hurricane Matthew Relief in Haiti


BUENA PARK, CA. – In response to Hurricane Matthew, Giving Children Hope is gathering and staging relief supplies to send to Haiti. Giving Children Hope is accepting monetary donations to help cover the logistics and transportation costs.

Hurricane Matthew is a Category 3 storm with winds up to 140 mph and has taken more than 1,00 Haitian lives. According to the United Nations, the disaster has affected 350,000 people and left Haiti facing its worst humanitarian crisis since the devastating earthquake six years ago. NBC reports that only nine of Haiti’s largest 15 hospitals are operating. In addition to an electricity outage, homes and businesses have been destroyed by the flooding and basic supplies are scarce.

Giving Children Hope plans to send medical supplies, hygiene items, and food to those impacted by the hurricane. Monetary donations will go directly to Haiti relief. Giving Children Hope is coordinating relief efforts with established partners in Haiti. Giving Children Hope delivered over 350,000 pounds of medical supplies, medicine, and food after the earthquake in 2010.

“People often watch these events on T.V. and wish they could do something,” says Executive Director, Sean Lawrence. “Well, we can. We need financial resources urgently so we can get these life-saving supplies to those in need as soon as possible.”

Giving Children Hope has responded to numerous natural disasters including: Ecuador earthquake (2016), Nepal Earthquake (2015), Japan earthquake and tsunami (2011), Haiti earthquake (2010), and Hurricane Katrina (2005).