Point-In-Time Count Reveals increase in Homelessness


Every other year Orange County surveys the number of homeless individuals residing within its borders. This year’s recently released Point in Time count revealed that there are 6,870 homeless individuals across the county. This represents a 43% increase from the previous survey released in 2017. This number includes 466 families, with 966 children living in temporary shelters or on the street.

Giving Children Hope’s We’ve Got Your Back program helps to provide weekly food for these families, hand delivering it in backpacks to each child’s school and ensuring they have easy access to food. Additionally, GCHope provides these services to families facing financial hardships who may be bundled up in a single room or living in a motel. These families are one stressful life event away from becoming homeless. By providing easy and consistent access to food, GCHope helps to prevent this from happening, giving these children a sense of security and nutritious foods that aid their academic abilities.

Martha grew up lacking stable housing. Her family tried to provide her with what she needed to succeed, but an overwhelming number of bills forced them to the street. They were connected to our WGYB program through one of our Fullerton partners. Martha was able to get the nutrition she needed to help her succeed academically. Despite the challenges she faced, Martha was able to get into Hope International University where she is now a freshman.

At GCHope we are inspired by Martha. We know that if given the chance, the 966 children that are currently experiencing homelessness, can achieve the same successes as Martha.

To read more about the Point-in-Time Count results click the link below:



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