PIMCO Makes Global Impact

This past Saturday, July 30, concluded PIMCO’s Global Week of Volunteering. In 31 different locations around Orange County and over 90 events taking place worldwide, PIMCO employees were serving their communities. Amber Skalsky, Program Manager for the PIMCO Foundation, describes it as “a week of intense volunteering. It’s a unifying experience for us as employees to see the amount of impact we can make in just one week.”

But it doesn’t with just one week.  PIMCO and their employees have supported the children and families served by Giving Children Hope in many different and practical ways throughout the year. PIMCO employees have personally devoted their time on pro-bono business projects for the organization. In 2015, the company donated $22,000 to the We’ve Got Your Back program providing healthy meals to 3,400 children in need every week. Last summer they hosted a Nepal Disaster Relief supply drive, collecting items to be sent to Nepali survivors of the April 2015 earthquake.

And last Saturday that support continued yet again. 30 PIMCO employees showed up at 9 am, many with their children, ready to serve. Giving Children Hope has sent 21 40-foot shipping containers with items such as hygiene supplies, tarps for shelter, and other needed supplies to Syrian refugees who have left their country with just the few items they could carry. PIMCO employees played a vital role in those Syrian stories on Saturday by helping us sort through shoes that will be sent to those refugees. Thanks to companies like PIMCO, we hope the recipients of our products feel cherished and loved. There is an army of supporters wishing for their success.
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