Parent Leadership Academy

A local Orange County junior high is creatively finding a way better the lives of their students by empowering the parents! The faculty decided to begin a Parent Leadership Academy to provide workshops about the school system, taught by other parents. One of the biggest factors that prevents a student from succeeding is not having enough support from home. To combat this problem, the workshops aim to educate parents about topics that many immigrant families might not have experience in. A few topics to be covered in the workshop include grading/GPA importance, technology, and preparing for college.

Giving Children Hope was happy to provide prizes to reward the families for the effort they are putting in to help their children flourish. We are grateful to witness these parents work hard to make their lives better, and proud of the way that this school is working hard to educate and prepare their families to thrive.

Faculty member, Ms. Medina picking out raffle prizes for the families at Giving Children Hope.


Parents in the Parent Leadership Academy explaining their project.

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