Our seventh shipment to Syrian refugees

Our staff prays for the shipment, which will go to Syrian refugees like the boy on the right

Last week, as hundreds of Syrians slept peacefully at home, chemical weapons silently ended their lives. Among the 1,500 dead, 150 were children — innocents overtaken by senseless murder. This is just one instance of the daily violence in Syria, toxic and bloody, which leaves many Syrians with two choices: death or escape. The hundreds of thousands who leave Syria go to countries like Lebanon and Jordan, where they arrive with few or no possessions.

On Wednesday, we sent 22 pallets of basic items to the refugees in Lebanon– our seventh shipment to Lebanon or Jordan since December 2012.  It contains clothing, bedding, and personal care and hygiene products for an ever-growing population of refugees that’s expected to reach 3.5 million.

Just one of the 22 pallets is loaded by Marius, our warehouse manager

“This month we reached a milestone that is all too tragic. More than 1 million children are now displaced due to this conflict. Imagine 16,000 school buses, filled with children parked one next to the other,” said Jean Bouchebel, our partner on containers like this. “During the most difficult time of their lives, we want to serve these families, who arrive to countries like Lebanon with nothing.”

Unlike refugees in Jordan, those in Lebanon lack a much-needed camp and are scattered around the country,  so our partner church will be distributing items to those who need it most.

“There still haven’t been any proper camps opened in Lebanon, though the U.N. is pressing for this to happen. At present, Syrian refugees are scattered throughout the country with the same need for personal items as those in a camp,” said Gina Centanni, our logistics coordinator.

A few of our pallets that were shipped to Lebanon

GCHope sent its first shipment to refugees in December 2012, and has sent six since. We will continue to send medical supplies, blankets, clothing and other items as the number of displaced Syrians grows daily by the hundreds. You can help us keep up these shipments to refugees who desperately need them. Contribute any amount by clicking below.

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