Optum Teams up with Giving Children Hope to Address Food and Nutrition Insecurity in Southern California

Buena Park, Calif. (June 30, 2021) – Giving Children Hope has been awarded a generous grant of $50,000 from Optum California as part of their new initiative to address health inequities in Southern California. This funding will help supply essential food and basic need resources to children and families most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The pandemic has created a new population of people needing help. Those living paycheck to paycheck or who have experienced an unexpected job loss may not have savings or support systems to help them. This is especially true for households with young children. 

Without adequate food and nutrition, children are unable to reach their full development potential both physically and mentally. Furthermore, children who are food insecure face nutritional deprivation and are at higher risk of certain chronic diseases. 

Through its partnership with Giving Children Hope, a nonprofit with a shared goal of addressing food and nutrition insecurity in Southern California, Optum is providing funding and resources for the We’ve Got Your Back Program to ensure over 5,600 vulnerable children and their families have access to consistent, nutritious food. 

“Optum is proud to support Giving Children Hope, a community nonprofit that equips front line partners to help vulnerable children and families in addressing food insecurity, and to support their We’ve Got Your Back Program,” said Optum Vice President and Medical Director Ruchi Sareen. “At our most recent volunteer event, Optum employees helped assemble and load boxes of produce, meat, dairy, and more into the vehicles of We’ve Got Your Back families and it was really humbling and gratifying to serve our communities and families in need.” 

“We truly appreciate the hands-on involvement of companies, such as Optum that help provide food and resources for the most vulnerable children and families in Southern California. Optum’s care for neighbors in need and commitment to joining our fight to end health disparities are vital to bringing nourishment and hope to thousands of children and families who are at risk of hunger each month,” said Haley Cooper, Director of Development for Giving Children Hope. 

There is an urgent need to act now to ensure all children have access to food they need to learn, grow and thrive. If you want to donate and/or volunteer at Giving Children Hope, please contact Haley Cooper at (714) 523-4454 ext. 105 or 

[email protected].

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