Nutrition Classes for WGYB Families

Laughter filled the air as Diana shared the first steps of creating a well-balanced nutritional meal to a room of engaged We’ve Got Your Back mothers. These 17 moms listened eagerly, learning how to better provide for their children through nutrition. GCHope’s dream for each WGYB family is that each backpack would be a stepping stone to sustainable hope. Nutrition Classes for any parent who wants to learn is our next stepping stone.

The first class in the 5-week series was entitled “Create a Healthy Plate,” where moms learned to focus on healthy meal options, including creatively incorporating fruits and vegetables into their meals.  “While we are called to serve the most vulnerable in our communities, our goal is to partner with nonprofits whose missions are to affect change and promote self sufficiency,” says Program Director Christine Sanchez.


Parents who complete the 5-week class will be encouraged to become peer-to-peer facilitators in future classes and will receive vouchers for our Giving For Living Donation Center and. “It’s ideal when nonprofits collaborate,” says Sanchez.  “Working independently we can provide for their basic needs but working together we can truly affect poverty and build stronger communities.”

The 5-week class is presented in conjunction  with Community Action Partnership, a nonprofit that works to eliminate and prevent the causes and effects of poverty through educational programs. Community Action Partnership runs a variety of programs in Orange County, including “Move More, Eat Healthy” and “Nutrition Education, Obesity Prevention,” sponsored by Orange County Health Care Agency and St. Jude Hospital.



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