National Christian Foundation names GCHope ‘charity on the frontline’

National Charity Foundation names Giving Children Hope ‘charity on the frontline’.

In 1982, Evangelical Christian author and entrepreneur Larry Burkett, financial advisor Ron Blue, and tax attorney Terry Parker founded the National Christian Foundation. Burkett was an American radio personality whose work focused on financial counseling from a Christian point of view. Today, the NCF is bringing awareness to organization like Giving Children Hope that are providing frontline services to communities in need during this crisis.

The National Christian Foundation says:

“In order to provide supplies to Southern Californian clinics that are responding to the disaster, Giving Children Hope is mobilizing to supply n-95 masks, gloves, isolation gowns, and more. Professionals who are testing for the virus rely on the isolation gowns to safely test individuals without getting sick themselves. They are also providing food to low-income students throughout Southern California. This is especially necessary at this time because many will be losing the free and reduced meals they typically receive at their school each day.”

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