National Children’s Day

In 2000, President Clinton proclaimed October 8th as National Children’s Day to express our love, appreciation, and commitment for children, and to promote safe, nurturing and conducive communities for children to live in. He believes that both family and the community have great influence in shaping the lives of children.

Similarly, Giving Children Hope aims to help build strong families and communities that will provide a stable environment for children. Through the unending support of our donors, partners, staff and volunteers, we continuously strengthen our commitment in giving children better and comfortable lives.

In celebration of National Children’s Day, spend a day of quality time with your children. Here are some fun outdoor and indoor activities you can do with your children:
1. Visit downtown Buena Park for dining and shopping.
2. Go to an amusement park such as Adventure City, Knott’s Berry Farm and or Medieval Times.
3. Go to a nearby community park such as Peak Park, George Bellis Park, etc. for picnic, barbecues and outdoor games.
4. You can also have a refreshing day at the community pool.

Another great way of spending quality time with your children is to visit Giving Children Hope’s office to volunteer or come in for a tour. Let us show you our commitment and passion in building a strong community. By helping other children, your children will understand and experience how special they are.

Happy National Children’s Day!

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