Meet Pouch – Volunteer Highlight

Volunteers at Giving Children Hope find themselves here for a variety of reasons. One such volunteer started helping us in January during his year off before he takes the LSAT this coming September, with the goal to eventually work in corporate law. Pouch Liang wanted to volunteer his time and started helping multiple times a week in our We’ve Got Your Back program.

While volunteering, Pouch decided he wanted to also learn about the behind the scenes aspect of a nonprofit, so he applied for and became our Community Programs Intern. With a smile, he says he didn’t think the Logistics Coordinator for We’ve Got Your Back “would appreciate his retiring as a volunteer” so he decided to split his time and both intern and volunteer. He was surprised by how much data entry is involved. But he loves the feeling of finishing a task and for Giving Children Hope, finishing a task means the outcome is doing something good, it allows him to be a part of something bigger.

When not volunteering, Pouch loves spending time with is 10 ½ year old dog, Lola. She is a sure way to bring a smile to his face. His dream would be to buy all of the dogs and live with them on an island. He also enjoys reading, cooking, bodybuilding, and powerlifting. He can lift three times his body weight and said the only reason he lifts is so that he can lift every breed of dog.

Everyday Pouch comes in, he brings with him his smile, kindness, and high energy. It would be hard to guess that he is, in fact, an introvert as his energy and personable nature make him seem very much the extrovert. He lives every day following the words of “The One”—Yoda—who according to him, is forever young: “Do or do not, there is no try.” When Pouch is at Giving Children Hope, he follows these words; he doesn’t try, he does what needs to be done and that dedication allows us to serve the many children and families we do.


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  1. Ginger August 8, 2018 Reply

    Love working with this bro ,he is amazing

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