Meet GCHope Staff Member, Mikaela Buchanan

IMG_7264Driving on the freeway one Saturday morning I eagerly pointed to the trucks with large heavy containers rumbling beside us. “Look, babe!” I exclaimed to my husband, “That is a 40’ High Cube container. I wonder where it is going and what’s inside?” A new excitement grips me now every time I see a container. Is it coming? Is it going? Did it just get picked up from the port?

These are the questions I ask myself whenever I see a container these days, something I would never have even given a second thought about before coming to Giving Children Hope. And I love it. It’s fascinating to know more about how goods travel around the world.

It’s my job to guide the containers we send out of Giving Children Hope. I help manage the project from start to finish. It begins with seeking out the needs in the field, verifying we have what the partner needs, all the paperwork involved with shipping a container the size of an elephant, and verifying it gets to those in need. Being involved with GCHope’s shipment of containers has so much significance attached because of where the supplies are going and the lives they are going to change.

We recently sent a container to Cape Verde, a country off the side of West Africa, I never even knew existed. Right now one of their many islands is experiencing lava flow from an active volcano that has displaced many of its residents. Along with Cape Verdean American Community Development, GCHope sent a container of medical supplies and equipment which will now serve some of Cape Verde’s population who fled their homes for their safety.

Another container was sent to Liberia with Containers of Hope, to aid the churches, clinics, and schools that have been responding to the people of Liberia during one of the deadliest Ebola Outbreaks ever.

Yet another container went to Cambodia with our partner, Warm Blankets International. We sent 12 tons of Vitameal, a nutrient-packed rice and lentil meal,  to them and they were able to distribute it to many in need including an orphanage of disabled children who are otherwise thought cursed and disregarded by others.

These are just some of the countless stories of lives impacted by receiving containers of much needed relief. So when I get excited about the containers we pass on the freeway it is warranted. Because it reminds me of how I have been able to be just one small part of helping get supplies to those in need. It’s a blessing to know the tasks I do each day will play a part in helping another persons life on the other side of the world.


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