Meet Lydia — Volunteer Highlight

It is because of the care and dedication of our volunteers that we are able to provide hope to the vulnerable communities we serve. This unfaltering dedication is exuded by Lydia Enriquez each and every day. She is one of the most loving individuals who will always do anything she can to help another.

Lydia first came to Giving Children Hope through St. Paul’s Church three years ago after her husband was diagnosed with cancer. She was looking for an outlet, and with her husband’s understanding, started sharing her time with us in our weekly nutrition program, We’ve Got Your Back. This turned out to be the perfect program for her, as she is a former teacher who taught at a few of the schools we serve. She is so grateful to know that kids like the ones she taught are being helped.

For Lydia, family is everything and nothing equals it. When she’s not volunteering, she loves traveling with her husband and going to the movies. She finds joy in her family, and in a world that is as it currently is, she says she tries to find the good—and for her, her bright spot is here at Giving Children Hope, working with the amazing staff and volunteers, loving what she is doing no matter the task. And while Lydia feels that Giving Children Hope is her bright spot, she is definitely one of ours, as both staff and volunteers alike truly enjoy working with her.

Lydia, we are so grateful for the love and warmth that you bring with you each and every day. There aren’t words enough to say thank you.

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