Medtronic Volunteered

When Jessica first volunteered with us through her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop, she knew she had to come back. A year later, she brought along her team from Medtronic, ready to sort medical supplies for our Global Operations program. In a matter of three hours, they were able to sort one whole pallet of syringes for a container that we sent shortly after to Malawi’s sole cardiologist. Interestingly enough, those syringes were manufactured by one of Medtronic’s partner companies. Medtronic team members are changing the world not only by volunteering their time, but also by donating supplies needed to better equip doctors and nurses who are on the frontlines. Thousands of people abroad look to Giving Children Hope for a means to a more hopeful future. And we can’t help but look to all our volunteers like Medtronic and say “thank you.” Thank you for your kind, compassionate hearts, and thank you for changing the world alongside us, one pallet at a time.

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