Medical Team Returns from Congo

Linus and Maureen Ojukwu have their own home care agency in Southern California but their passion lies in the Congo Republic. The two of them plan an annual medical missions trip in Pointe-Noire with a team of 27 medical professionals from around the world. For one week the team works 10-hour days, performing over 200 surgeries freely for children and families that otherwise would go untreated. Linus joked, “We brought our new daughter-in-law with us for the first time. She’s a doctor. She worked harder than any of us with a smile on her face the whole time. We thought she was soft! We were wrong.”

Maureen described how glasses were the biggest need. Luckily, they brought some but not nearly enough. Each patient would sit down at a table and just begin trying on every pair of glasses until they found one that fit. Maureen asked one woman, “Do you know how to read?” She replied, “I used to be a teacher but I haven’t been able to see the words in my Bible for years.” When they found the right magnification, Maureen said she cried out as tears of joy streamed down her face. Maureen shared how if you can’t read, your entire livelihood is impacted; this is a life changer for so many.

Giving Children Hope gladly provided the Ojukwu team with pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter medications, and other basic medical supplies to serve those in the Republic of Congo. It truly is an honor.

The woman receiving her new pair of glasses!


The very full waiting room.


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