Loving the Kurds

Twenty miles outside of Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan, there is a refugee camp of 20140303_16511118,000 Kurdish people, mainly women and children, that one American considers close to his heart.Richard is a selfless man on a mission, devoting much of his finances to making trips back and forth from California to Kurdistan to deliver needed items to this refugee camp. On his most recent trip in March, GCHope supplied him with $500,000 worth of antibiotics such as anti-malaria meds, deworming meds, vitamins, and meds used to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, bronchitis, and mental illness. The head doctor for the camp, who also has polio, was overjoyed with the supply of medicines. He said it was perfect timing; their pharmacy had just recently run out and many people were in need.  Kurdish people, mainly women and children, that one American considers close to his heart. Richard Campos, a retired US military officer, uses his free time and money to give back to the Kurdish people he was stationed near during his 2003 deployment in Iraq. He considers the work he does for these people to be a type of therapy for him and is glad to have the opportunity to help.

Richard said the conditions these people are living under are heartbreaking to see. It was like entering a third world when you walked through the gates of the camp. Richard was humbled by the recognition and appreciation given to him by the Kurdish people. They were all so vocal about thanking him for his generosity.

GCHope is proud to work with organizations and partners that are willing to invest and sacrifice so much for those who are struggling in poverty. It’s a blessing to play a role in the much larger story through Richard Campos’s mission to help many of the Kurdish people in Northern Iraq.

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