Los Angeles County Fire Explorers Demonstrate Dedication and Commitment to GCH

Giving Children Hope has been blessed numerous times by LA County Fire Explorers through the hours, dedication, and hard work they have provided us.

Post 13 Explorers have continuously shown themselves to be an exemplary group of young individuals who are dedicated to not only becoming the best versions of themselves while exploring the life of a firefighter, but also to being the best public servants possible. The program is available to men and women ages 15 through 21, who are looking to gain practical knowledge about the lifestyle of a firefighter.

 “The program offers endless opportunities, the unbelievable chance to interact and meet so many great people and mentors, and you discover things within yourself which I think is what is most important,” said Danny Zepeda, Post 13 Explorer.

Giving Children Hope has had the privilege of working with Post 13 many times as they have helped with different events, ranging from sorting food for our We’ve Got Your Back program and basic needs items for our Disaster and Crisis Relief program, to collecting donated food from incoming postal workers’ trucks at various post offices from the Stamp Out Hunger campaign. 

Most recently, Post 13 Explorers volunteered at a Christmas Party for families in Lynwood collaboratively put on by Yasiel Puig’s Wild Horse Children’s Foundation and Giving Children Hope. Post 13 not only helped to provide manpower during the event, but when the families started coming through the gates for the event, they were able to personally inform the families of the activities that they could participate in. They love being able to put smiles on strangers’ faces and provide happiness and relief.

What sets Post 13 apart from the others is their high standards on behavior, dedication to the program, and the large number of community service events they participate in. Not only does Post 13 meet and train about 4 times as many hours a month as other posts, but they dedicate a significant portion of their time to community service events and giving back.

These Explorers are always extremely professional, polite and hardworking. Their desire to help is unmatched. We couldn’t be more grateful to be connected to such incredible individuals.

Thank you Post 13 Explorers for all that you do to help us, those we serve, and the many other individuals whose lives you have touched.

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