Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand (John 6:1-15)

This blog was written by Christine Sanchez, Director of our “Giving For Living” program.

I cried as I made my coffee this morning. I had already read the news on my phone but was seeing footage from someone’s phone on the news. It was unfathomable thinking that I could’ve been in a movie theatre with my children, seemingly safe, and then literally all hell breaks loose…

Every morning before I arrive, I plan my day. This morning, the Lord kept reminding me, “The more you give, the more you shall receive”. I came to work convinced we needed to give more. We just need to GIVE more…

I arrived to a mass of young men, Buena Park High School’s football team, ready and willing to volunteer. Their faces helped change my mood. Giving for Living was exceptionally busy this morning. Already a sign?

Elizabeth, our Director of Community Programs, introduced me to their coach, Anthony White. He had already explained to Elizabeth that he had about 7 homeless kids on his team. She will work on getting them in the “We’ve Got Your Back” program and further explained to the coach about our new, “Basic Needs” program. The coach was so happy! He has been helping these kids out of his pocket for quite some time. My heart knew that this is what the Lord had in mind today.

I brought the boys and the coach into my office. I explained to the boys how our program works but that we were starting a new program, to make sure people who have a bit of bad luck had the basics they needed. People like them. I explained to them how important education was at changing any situation. We had a great pep talk and I could see hope in their eyes. Gratitude. I gave them each a bag and told them to fill it with what they needed. Their shy smiles began to creep through with replies only of, “Yes, ma’am.” “Thank you, ma’am.” “Thank you very much.”

When they were done, I wrote up their donation. In their bags were toothbrushes, deodorant, cough drops, index cards, binders, small pillows (I encouraged them to add a pillow case), cleaning wipes, heat packs, body wash, sunscreen, cups, light bulbs, anti-diarrhea medication, boost nutrition supplements, a mattress cover and snack items. One boy took a scale. Giving Children Hope was indeed “Giving for Living” – to 5 teenagers who now had bags of HOPE. One youth reminded me about the story of Jesus feeding the 5000. He said, “ Ma’am, remember when Jesus fed the 5000, and more and more and more people kept coming but somehow there was always enough? That’s what this reminds me of.”

Check out their picture. I love my job!

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