Jessica’s Miracle

Jessica, one of Giving Children Hope’s WGYB kids, greeted me with a toothless smile and began telling me all about her life and how excited she was about all the new things she was receiving from GCHope. Jessica appears to be a joyful, normal child growing up in Orange County, but her big heart has gotten her through many trials.

Jessica's Miracle 2

Jessica can’t walk long distances without feeling pain or exhaustion since a recent surgery in July. Jessica was born with Spina Bifida, which is a condition that prevents her vertebrae from fully forming. It caused her to hunch and would eventually disable her. Jessica’s doctor decided she needed surgery to prevent further damage in July and the next day she came back to have it done. On average, for every hundred people that have this particular medical procedure, only one person is able to regain enough function in their spinal cord to walk. It is a huge answer to prayer that Jessica can use her legs and within two months already she can stand, walk, and will soon be able to run.

Jessica still gets very tired from walking everywhere since her family doesn’t own a car. GCHope was able to give her mom a beautiful new stroller for Jessica to ride in that retails for close to $500. Jessica’s family lives in a studio apartment and the three of them sleep on the floor every night. Sleeping on the floor has been hard on Jessica’s back and her mother humbly reached out to ask for a few things that might better her recovery. Thanks to an amazing donor, GCHope was able to deliver a bed and mattress that Jessica can sleep in every night. Since receiving her new bed, Jessica says she wakes without pain anymore. The family also received all new linens, bedding, and some clothing because they recently had to throw out many items due to bedbugs in their home.

There is so much to be thankful for when hearing Jessica’s story. Her life truly is a miracle and GCHope is thankful to witness it and be able to walk alongside this family, offering encouragement and support whenever possible.


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