International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day, we want to highlight 8 very special women. Through our partnership with My Safe Harbor and its Strong Families Institute program, 8 moms from our We’ve Got Your Back program are committed to a 32-week course to become better versions of themselves through personal development, education, and goal setting. 

Each woman is partnered with a mentor, who walks with them through the course and helps guide them. Halfway through the course, it is a tradition for these women to attend a surprise Self-Esteem Luncheon with their mentor.

Just two weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hosting the luncheon onsite and surprising these 8 amazing women. The meal was sponsored by Little Arabia and it was served to the women and their mentors by Sean Lawrence, our Executive Director, and Christine Sanchez, our Director of Domestic Programs. Our conference room was transformed into a banquet hall, with beautiful decorations provided by a volunteer, Annie. 

IMG_9299The decorated table at the luncheon
IMG_9344Delicious Mediterranean lunch provided by Little Arabia.

Magali Santos, one of the women in the course, wrote a reflection of the luncheon (translated from Spanish):

“For me, it was a gift from God to participate in the luncheon. I was so surprised to enter the room and see all the decorations. What really moved me was to see that my name was written at a place on the table. I was so happy and kept feeling like I was going to cry from joy. I really enjoyed the company of my mentor, Iliana. The food was delicious, different for me, but I liked it. Thank you to those who served us the food. Everything was so great – the decoration, the company of those around me, and the service. Thank you – I was so surprised.”

IMG_9363Magali and her mentor, Iliana.

We are so proud of the 8 women who have decided to take this course. They are only halfway done, and we have already seen such amazing transformations. These women are becoming empowered, and through that, they will empower other women in their community.

Magali, Claudia, Alicia, Patricia, Maria, Rocio, Teresa, and Martina – we are so proud of you! You have not only committed to this course, but you have also committed to yourself and that is an accomplishment. Today, we celebrate you – your hard work, your growth, and your strength.

7 out of 8 of the women in the course with SFI facilitator, Peggy, and We’ve Got Your Back Manager, Elia.

To view more of the photos from this luncheon, click here: 

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