“I Hope to Not Need You”

12 moms, 6 weeks, a united story of hope. On March 17, 12 We’ve Got Your Back moms proudly held up their certificates as they graduated from our third round of financial literacy classes. For a year now, Giving Children Hope has been offering a financial literacy course for parents who attend our Client Choice Distribution on Friday’s. With all the food that they were receiving on Friday’s, we realized that these families should be the first to no longer need us. We just needed to teach them how.

The course is 6 weeks long and provides insight on budgeting, credit fraud, spending discernment, and more. So far, we’ve had 55 parents graduate from these financial literacy classes and we don’t plan on stopping there. One mom from the most recent graduation stated, “I want to thank Giving Children Hope and its partners immensely for giving me the tools to improve my family’s quality of life. One day, I hope to not need you.” Our ultimate goal is for all 1,100 WGYB families to reach a place of self-sufficiency and financial independence where they can utter the words “I no longer need you.” Until that day, we are committed to offering these classes as the first step out of the cycle of poverty. As our WGYB Administrator Elia expressed, “I can see it in the way they carry themselves that that is not the same woman that started the class 6 weeks ago. To be able to witness that metamorphosis is simply amazing.” Please join us in congratulating our 12 moms who have made this crucial step to truly transform their families’ lives.

Special thanks to Noel from the Raise Foundation for teaching the classes and to Sandy Aguilar from US Bank for putting together the curriculum!