Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast of Texas with winds up to 130 mph and rain levels hitting record highs on Friday. Throughout the day, we remained in contact with our partners in the Houston area to better understand the damage and the needs.

After discussing with our partners throughout the weekend, we knew we would be preparing relief items to send to victims of the hurricane. With 24 years of experience responding to disasters both internationally and domestically, we aim to provide ongoing relief and most-needed support for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

As the hurricane has downgraded to a tropical storm, it has left the city of Houston and surrounding areas in unprecedented flooding. Reports state that these flooded areas can expect to see more rain in the upcoming days. Throughout the weekend and into this week, photos of people carrying their babies through the water, homes appearing as if they are floating because water levels are so high, and other catastrophic images have flooded our inboxes, and we are anxious to support these victims.

Thousands of residents have been displaced; cars, homes, and community centers are either flooded or have been completely destroyed. As we work here in Orange County to stage relief supplies to send to Texas, our Executive Director flew to Houston today to connect with our partners there. While there, he and our partners will not only discuss Houston’s greatest needs and but will also organize a coordinated operational response to meet those needs.

While we may have the expertise and experience to deliver these relief items to victims of disasters, we cannot do it alone – we urge you for your support. With your financial support, we can provide these lifesaving items to those in need. Together, we can make a difference. To support our relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey, please visit